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The Capital Area Soccer League has been a part of GLASRA for a number of years and continues to help promote and train referees. All referees assigned to CASL games must be certified for the current calendar year by the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) at least as a Grassroots Referee and a member in good standing with GLASRA. Referees must wear their current year USSF badge at each game and should have their USSF registration card with them while officiating.

Younger/less experienced referees are assigned to the younger games, while older/more experienced referees are assigned to the older-age games.

One referee is assigned to u10 and younger games. One referee and two assistant referees are assigned to u11 and older games. When appropriate and necessary, a club-line may be used in a game when two assistant referees cannot be present.

CASL does not assign referees. Assignments are made by the CASL Assignor for the league. Each referee assignor is USSF-certified.

Referees are an essential part of the game and should be treated with respect at all levels. Remember no certified referee, no game!


Stephan Holland
Dena Conine
Vice President
Scott Carney
CASL Assigner

Pre-Game Procedures

  1. Arrive at the field at least 15 minutes prior to the game.
  2. Inspect the field for safety (including making sure goals are anchored).
  3. Record Risk Management numbers for all coaches and bench personnel next to their name on the Match sheet.
    • Anyone without a valid Risk Management card should not be present in the bench area and are considered spectators.
    • An individual with a valid Risk Management card from the club listed on the Match sheet may step in and coach, even if their name is not listed on the Match sheet.
  4. Collect referee fees from the home team.
    • Referees are paid according to the chart below. If there are less than three referees present, the extra fees should be returned to the coach.
  5. Collect Player ID cards and Match sheets from both coaches.
  6. Ensure players are appropriately equipped (appropriate soccer shoes, shin guards, etc.)
  7. Using the Player ID cards, check in players on the Match sheet.
  8. Add any Club Pass Card/Guest players to the Match sheet, including their ID number, full name, and DOB.
    • If a player does not have their Player ID card, they may still play in the game, but must supply their name and date of birth for the Match sheet. They should also sign the back of the Match sheet.
    • The maximum number of Club Pass Card/Guest players for 7v7 and 9v9 play is three.
    • The maximum number of Club Pass Card/Guest players for 11v11 play is five.
    • Total number of players on one team playing in any one game can not exceed:
      • 12 players for 7v7
      • 16 players for 9v9
      • 18 players for 11v11

Post-Game Requirements


  1. Record goals (player number and time) on the Match sheet.
  2. Record the final score in the large box provided on the Match sheet.
  3. Record any Misconduct (Cautions-Yellow, Send offs-Red) on the Match sheet next to the player’s or coach’s name, using the offense codes at the bottom of the Match sheet.
  4. Each official should sign the Match sheet.
  5. Each coach should sign the Match sheet.
  6. Provide an opportunity for each coach to take a picture of the completed Match sheet.


  1. Record the game score in RefInsight.
  2. Record any Misconduct in RefInsight (Cautions, Send Offs).
  3. If you have any Serious Injuries or Misconduct (Red or Yellow cards)
    • Take a picture of the Match sheet and email it to: It is helpful if you put the game number in the Subject.

Referee Education

Setting out on the journey to obtain your soccer referee license is an enriching experience that opens the door to a world of responsibility and passion for the game. This comprehensive program ensures that you not only understand the rules of soccer but also develop the practical skills necessary to officiate matches with confidence. Led by knowledgeable instructors, the curriculum covers everything from the nuances of the game to effective communication and decision-making on the field. This license is not just a qualification; it’s a recognition of your dedication to the integrity and enjoyment of soccer. Join us on this exciting venture to become a trusted arbiter on the field and contribute to the vibrant world of soccer officiating.

Game Day Procedures

The game day page is where you get all the important info about a match in one place. You'll find information on uniform rules, game formats, game durations, roster sizes, game ball sizes, if offside is called, if heading the ball is allowed and referee fees. It's a simple and easy way to get game day details at a glance.