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Risk Management

The safety of the players is the number one priority for CASL. In accordance with Michigan State Youth Soccer Association (MSYSA) rules, all coaches, assistant coaches and managers are required to have Risk Management clearance. It is also highly recommended that any adults that will have contact with players should obtain their Risk Management clearance.

You may have a received an email already that requests you to obtain a risk management clearance. Please follow the directions below along with your login information to assist you in that process.

You must obtain a username and password from CASL. Please contact Scott Dane at to receive your username and password for GotSoccer.

Please pay close attention to your designation as either Coach or Manager.  There are separate GotSoccer logins for Coach and Manager. Please go to your profile and verify/update your contact information. It is important that you correctly indicate your Full Legal Name and Date of Birth so your Risk Management will be valid when submitted.   You will need to have an approved risk management certification to participate in CASL. 

After updating your contact information then please go the Background Check Tab and take care of your Risk Management.

1)  Check to see if MSYSA indicates you have an approved RM certification. If there is no approval showing then you can click Check Reports to see if you have a valid MSYSA RM certification.

2)  If you are new to MSYSA and do not have a valid RM certification or your RM certification is expired, then please Submit New Report. The results of the report submission should normally be returned in 1 to 3 days.  You need to do your risk management certification through your GotSoccer account. The past approach of requesting a risk management submission through the MSYSA website is no longer to be used for coaches and team officials.

3)  If you believe you have a valid RM certification but it is not shown when you click Check Reports then please verify that you have your full legal name, date of birth, and correct current address indicated in you contact information. If after clicking Check Reports again and there is still no valid risk management found then contact Joel Dragan at MSYSA via phone at 734-459-6220 or via email at  Please provide her your name, date of birth, Risk Management number and expiration date so she can review the situation.